Trinity Episcopal Church

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The Trinity Episcopal Church is one of the most interesting historical landmarks in Court Square. This church is over 150 years old. It was built in 1842, and its steeple is actually 120 feet high. The church also includes a historic cemetery, housing the remains of both Union and Confederate Civil War Soilers. 

This church was founded in 1842 and the cornerstone was laid in 1859 at the current address of 200 Church Street. It cost $15,665.00 dollars. It also included an Organ. The Church is 120 feet tall and is easily seen within downtown Abbeville. The Church grounds also include a cemetery which holds both Confederate and Union soldiers.
The Trinity church was founded in 1867, with a clear sense of mission and ministry to the community of Santa Barbara. For 150 years, we have been living into that mission as faithfully as we know how, in various church buildings located at the heart of the city.
The solemn beauty of Trinity Episcopal Church has provided solace and consolation to people in grief, in trouble and in transition. It is also a palace of celebration, and thanksgiving for life's many blessings and sacraments, including Eucharist, Baptism, Matrimony, confirmations, and other rites. Trinity is a palace where parishioners, community members, and others on The Way can turn to worship, pray, reflect, and find hospitality.

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What Guests have to say about Trinity Episcopal Church
"Trinity is the most welcome people you ever meet an careing people"

"They make you feel happy.  They greet you every morning with a smile on their face."
"Smooth experience. Helpful co-workers and administration."