Sumter National Forest

acres and acres of ravishing forest

The Sumter National Forest is approximately 2,859 acres. It is known for its 15 waterfalls that, fall along the trails. It is a great place to go exploring. It is only a 25-minute drive from Abbeville. This forest is loaded with lots to do from camping to hiking and biking. There is also ATV riding, boating, tubing, target shooting, and a number of special trails for hiking and riding. There also visitor centers if you are looking to know more about the scenic forest.

The Parson's Mountain Recreational Area is a part of the Sumter Forest and is a really beautiful place to stay. There is plenty to do such as boating, paddling, fishing, biking, hiking, and birdwatching. There is even a lookout tower. There is a hiking/biking trail that is a four-mile loop loaded with green.

So get your adventure on and be ready to see one of the most beautiful forests around. You will not be disappointed and never be left bored if you decide to visit this beautiful national park!
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What Guests think about Sumter National Forest
"There is much to see. Plenty of birds to be spotted in the trees. A nice place for a kayac ride. Excellent information and very well kept. South Carolina has some beautiful places, this is one of them."
"You can hike for a few hours or spend days or a week or so hiking here and never do the same hike twice. Many views along the way - waterfalls, wild boar and wild turkey sightings, streams to cross."
"Peaceful, challenging and well-maintained. On my personal bucket list to complete."