Welcome to Diamond Hill Mine

Diamonds, Diamonds and more diamonds!

At Diamond Hill mine you will be able to walk around a three-acre section of the Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest mountain chain in the world. Over Millions of years, erosion has taken place to the southern part of these mountains. The erosion has exposed this three-acre spot full of some of the best Amethyst, Smokey, Skeletal(Elestial, Angle Plated, Iron and Manganese Oxide coated, Aura, and other crystals that can be found here. Other minerals including Beryl, Garnet, and Epidote have also been found.

Diamond Hill offers guest's the opportunity to experience the thrill of finding their own beautiful crystals from the earth. All the crystal's that are found at the mine are native to Diamond Hill, this mine is not a "salted mine." At Diamond Hill, they have an excavator dig twice a year to expose new crystals. Guests are allowed to keep everything they find.

The mine is open 365 days a year to Rockhounds and treasure seekers. Sign in is at the mine daily from 9-12 and guests may collect until dusk. Camping is also allowed but they do not provide electrical or water. Pets are allowed

Make sure to stop at the mine and collect your very own crystals. They are not a Salt Mine which means every piece of crystal you find came from the actual mine. Unfortunately, due to the large equipment they use while digging, many pieces are lost or missed. You will have the opportunity to search through many dump/soil piles. There are about 5-6 acres of the soil piles.

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What Guests Think About Diamond Hill Mine
"We found lots of crystals easily! Thanks for providing a great place to hunt for amazing gems."
"You are always guaranteed to bring buckets home if you know where to look! keep your eyes peeled, you can find the best stuff on top of the ground while you walk!"
"Awesome place for all ages, tons of different minerals to find. Great for a novice to expert rock hounds."